Creative Carnival

  Celebrating Creativity, No Barriers

'Ambitious and creative, just what we all need' - Nick Brace, Artistic Director, Actiontrack Performance Co.

Creative Carnival are passionate to work against the restrictions of bureaucracy.


We believe in creating and playing with the arts, not for profit. PLAY is an essential part of the arts, often lost through paperwork!


Creative Carnival is artist led, taking inspiration from those we work with and creating platforms to show-off their work. This creates the opportunity to allow room for playing with new ideas and reconnecting with differing artforms. Every artist that joins us, be it for a single event or long term project, has an essential impact on the journey.


Creative Carnival believe that money often hinders creativity and sometimes threatens true art. We are free to create without the pressure of payment, and release a lot of potential when forced to think within limitations.